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American bead & jewelry shows
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About American bead & jewelry shows:
Nashville, TN Shows We Host Over 40 Shows a Year in the United States. Come Join Thousands of Designers & Hobbyist to find the perfect Beads and Supplies to make your own Unique Jewelry. You can even Start a Jewelry Business. If you have ever imagined finding tons of beads & supplies to make any type of Jewelry, or for Beading Craft, this is the Show. Whether you are a New Artist, a Seasoned Designer, or just like to make jewelry or like Beading, there is something for everyone. Our Shows National Wholesale & Retail Vendors Carry: - Lots of beautiful Gemstone Beads - Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Jade, Aquamarine, Amber, Lapis, Antique Roman Glass, Old Jade Beads, Jewelry Making Parts, Citrine, Aquamarine, Turquoise, Jasper, and More - Sterling silver & other Jewelry Parts - Fantastic freshwater pearls - Beautiful hand blown glass beads - Vintage beads - Crystals Beads - Ready to wear Jewelry - Meet Local Designers who make Jewelry for Weddings - You can even register to take Jewelry Making Classes - Find People to Make Jewelry for You or Your wedding - Pick Colors and Gemstones for Your Wedding Jewelry - Join Thousands of People who Bead and Make Jewelry for Fun - Bring Your Family & Friends or Group - Find Every Gemstone and Beads Imaginable ADMISSION is Discounted to Just $2 Per Person Open to the Public FREE ADMISSION FOR: Under 12, Girls Scout, Boys Scout, Students & Seniors Our Shows are 2 Days Only Saturday & Sunday 10-5, 10-4p For more information visit or Call 770-739-0057.
American Gem Expo P.O. Box 490803 Atlanta, GA 30349
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