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Great 2 learn llc
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About Great 2 learn llc:
By learning language using G2L tools, we expect our children acquire certain level of proficiency with which they can connect with their roots in India in the context of culture and values.
Our Goal is to provide technology based, kid friendly Telugu language learning for children of all ages.


Around 40 skills in Telugu language including over thousand words with visually appealing user interface.
Tracing Telugu letters and words on tab screen where accuracy of strokes of letters is monitored.
Graphical illustration and Audio support throughout the tool.
Language is also taught using fables and small poems as vehicles.
Specifically designed to give a kick start and cultivate interest in language learning.

What's in it?:
Vemana and Sumathi Poems, Moral Stories, Alphabets (Vowels and Consonants) and Combinations (Vothulu and Guninthalu), Numbers from 1 to Million, Birds, Animals, Fruits, Flowers, Parts of human body and Relationships, Funny words to entertain kids, Seasons, Universe and a lot more to mention!!!
Note: NO Wi-Fi / Data connection required.
Our promise is that we will continue to make this app better for you by adding more features and content with the help of our professional and passionate team and with help of your valuable feedback.
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